Afrin Women: we struggle till hunger strikers' goals achieved

Women from Afrin confirmed that they will escalate their resistance against the policy of the Turkish occupation and stand in solidarity with the resistance of hunger strikes led by parliamentarian Leila Guven.

The campaign of hunger strike initiated by the parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party Leyla Guven in November 8, 2018 and hundreds of detainees in the Turkish occupation prisons, demanding the removal of the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, continues.

The people of northern and eastern Syria have supported the for hunger strikes since the first day, and took to the squares and streets in solidarity of supporters and to demand the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Kongra Star in Afrin region continues its solidarity with the campaign by organizing various events, the latest of which was the establishment of a solidarity tent in Ahdath district for nine days under the slogan "With the resistance of prisons, we will triumph and ensure the freedom of the leader Apo."

Our agency met with women going on sit-in in support of the hunger strikers and strikers to death in Ahdath.

Asmahan Rasul said: "We have always been a resisting people so we will not tire to continue the resistance until we achieve our goals," and pointed out that they will continue to support the campaign of hunger strike to the end and will not retreat from resistance.

Asmahan described the freedom of women as the freedom of the leader Ocalan, who sought and struggled to bring women to the level of freedom and to remove them from the slap of slavery, so there will be no need to even lift isolation.

Khadija Ibo said that they support the hunger strikers and strikers to death, and there will be no retreat or surrender until the leader Ocalan is freed.

"This resistance is a response to the policy of the occupation, which isolates the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan and which occupied Afrin, so Afrin people prioritize the freedom of the leader and Afrin liberation," said Sozan Mustafa.

It is worth noting that Kongra Star resumed its activities in solidarity with the hunger strikers on May 16, which will last for nine days.



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