​​​​​​​Afrin's AA denounces continued Turkish invasion of Afrin, international silence

The Autonomous Administration of Afrin canton denounced the continuation of the Turkish occupation and its crimes in Afrin amid international silence, and said: “If Russia is serious about reaching to a permanent solution to the Syrian crisis, it must work to return the occupied areas to its original people, the first of which is Afrin, abolishing the demographic change and starting immediately sponsoring a Syrian-Syrian national dialogue.” .

On the third anniversary of the start of the Turkish aggression and attacks on Afrin canton, which falls on January 20, the AA of Afrin canton issued a statement to the public opinion in which it said:

Here is the third anniversary of the crime of invading Afrin, and its IDPS are still persistent, steadfast, and certain about liberation and the honorable return. Today, it occupies the attention of the terrorists from far and wide and a source for the spread of their dark ideas.

After the so-called Syrian crisis and major interventions of regional as well as multiple international parties, many agreements were made at the expense of the people's interests, and one of them was the Russian-Turkish agreement, according to which Turkey was allowed to occupy Afrin.

The goal of the Turkish state was the complete elimination of the Kurdish presence in the region.

Thus, the occupation of Afrin was an attempt to target the experience of the Autonomous Administration that presented the democratic nation and the approach of brotherhood of peoples, which proved its credibility by making Afrin a safe haven for all IDPs the Syrian regions as a result of the government and opposition struggle for power. The Kurds have proven that they are enjoy the most stable region and the most open to national dialogue, because they have a real vision for a political solution and on this basis, they have preserved and developed services through democratic administrations and self-made societal efforts.

The Turkish government has always tried to exaggerate threats posed by the Kurds and led the mercenary factions to fight the Kurds under the pretext that they failed their attempts to topple the regime and pose a threat to its national security.

Today, the mercenary factions, under Turkish instructions are still committing crimes against the remaining indigenous inhabitants of Afrin, including killing, displacement, kidnapping, rape, siege, starvation, demographic change, theft and destruction of historical and archaeological monuments.

It is certain that all these filthy practices are carried out in accordance with regional understandings and international sponsorship, especially by the dominant countries in the world, so as to prevent taking any step that protects Afrin people. Otherwise, what is the secret of the silence of human rights organizations, and where are the positions of the UN Security Council towards these crimes? It is clear that human rights issues have become selective, as such issues are raised and their files are extracted only when they are in the interest of the major hegemonic countries, especially Russia.

Accordingly, Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has not fulfilled its obligations regarding the international peace and security.

Russia has worked to remove terrorists from the state-controlled areas and their environs and has gathered them in the Turkish occupation areas, to turn those areas into centers where terrorism flourishes, and accordingly, the ideology, approach and extensions of terrorism sponsored by Turkey today will reach and spread in most parts of the world, including present-day Russia and here. They are the remnants of ISIS that reappear and try to gather their strength and spread destruction and terror and think it again, as is the case in the Syrian desert.

Today it can be said that if Russia is really serious about finding a permanent solution to the Syrian crisis, it must work to return the occupied areas to its original people, above all, Afrin, as well as canceling the demographic change and sponsoring a serious and honest intra-Syrian national dialogue far from marginalization and procrastination, in which loyalty to the homeland is first.

Despite the displacement, the will to steadfastness and resistance and absolute confidence in victory and the liberation of the occupied lands is firm, and it is increasing day by day in light of the support of the institutions of the Autonomous Administration for the steadfastness of its people in the geography of the displacement and its tireless attempts to secure all possible components of steadfastness.

In the presence of the martyr, all words fall and all dictionaries of the world become mute in front of the greatness of their sacrifices. Thanks to their sacrifices, we have proven that we are worthy of existence and I am the pioneers of consolidating democracy and coexistence.

Our people remember with pride and greatness the legacy of our heroes who were martyred in the epic of the age and fought for 58 days with their limited capabilities in order to defend their right to exist and live in dignity, freedom and on democratic foundations against one of the most powerful NATO countries in light of international conspiracy and suspicious silence from all human rights institutions.



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