Afrin's Armenians: Turkey repeats Armenian massacres against Afrin people

The Armenians in the region of Afrin residing in al-Shahba said that what the Ottomans did a hundred years ago against the Armenian component, is being repeated by the Turkish occupation army now in Afrin, and explained that Turkey is the granddaughter of the Ottomans, two sides of one coin in the repeated killings and massacres against the original components of the region.

Today, April 24 of each year marks the anniversary of the mass Armenian massacres committed by the Ottomans, which claimed the lives of over 1.5 million Armenians.

More than 235,000 Armenians were displaced from their villages and forced to convert to Islam.

What the Ottomans did against the Armenians in 1915, is being repeated by the Turkish occupation state today against the people of Afrin: killing and displacement in addition to demographic change, amid international silence.

In this context, Hawar news conducted interviewed a number of Armenians in al-Shahba, canton, Hevin Garib said, "My grandfather and grandmother moved to Syria and settled in the village of Haj Khalil in the occupied canton of Afrin after they were forced to convert to Islam for fear to their lives, they told us."

"The villagers received my grandfather and grandmother in their village and hid them from the Ottomans at that time, fearing that they would be killed by the Ottomans," she said.

"The Ottomans killed our ancestors and brutally killed more than 1.5 million Armenians," said Jamil Gharib.

"The scenario of the Ottomans at that era is being repeated by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin, from the killing, arrests and displacement of the people of Afrin, and therefore to facilitate the process of demographic change."

"We, as parents of Afrin, will continue to resist and will not stand idly by as we did in the past, but we will liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries," Gharib said.

Hanifa Gharib said: "The Ottomans burned and buried our ancestors alive in the wells and caves, and in many brutal inexpressible ways."

Hanifa Gharib noted "the Ottomans and the current Turkish state are two sides of the same coin, because what the Ottomans did against our ancestors in the past is done by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin today."



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