Afrin's Autonomous Administration condemns Şingal Genocide, demands recognizing it

 Today, the Autonomous Administration of Afrin issued a statement denouncing the international conspiracy on its seventh anniversary that targeted the Şingal-based Yazidi community, and called on the United Nations to support and protect its Administration, recognize the genocide.

August 3 marks the seventh anniversary of the Şingal massacre, which was committed by ISIS mercenaries and backed by the Turkish occupation, which led to the killing, displacing and kidnapping of thousands of the Yazidi-religious minority.

 Dozens of members of the Autonomous Administration of Afrin gathered in in al-Shahba canton, carrying pictures of the massacres committed by ISIS.

 The administrator in the Women's Authority of Afrin region, Zuluk Rashid, read the statement in Kurdish, and the text of the statement read:

Throughout history, the Yazidis have been subjected to many firmans, the last of which was against Shingal because it was a historical and cultural area for the Kurds and a strategy for ISIS, where they sought to enter Rojava and control the border triangle between Başûr and Rojava, that is rich in oil.

August 3 marked the seventh anniversary of the Shingal massacre by the terrorist organization ISIS, sponsored by the Turkish state, to undermine the history and culture of the defenseless Yazidi Kurdish people, killing thousands of Yazidis, kidnapping children, enslaving and selling women in the markets of Raqqa, Mosul and the areas controlled by the organization.  When ISIS mercenaries launched their attacks on Şengal, the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga abandoned the Yazidi people unprotected in the face of that genocide with a sudden withdrawal from the cities of Şengal and its suburbs to be an international conspiracy against the Yezidi people.  Thousands of children, elderly and women who were trapped in the mountains without food or drink.

Turkey's AKP government played the largest role in this massacre because the Turkish state has a history of massacres against the Kurdish people, especially the Yazidi component, as its main goal is to exterminate this component because it considers them the basis of Kurdish nationalism and to end the Yazidi presence. They end the Kurdish presence and what are the violations committed by the Turkish government and its mercenaries in Afrin and Bakur  Kurdistan is nothing but an extension of a systematic policy of ethnic genocide of the Kurds, the latest of which is the Konya massacre, in which seven Kurdish citizens of one family were killed on hatred and cultural and ethnic genocide, the AKP government has always been and still neglects the Yazidi component and leaves them to their fate unprotected.

And now, seven years after this massacre, the Yezidi people and thousands of them are still displaced, kidnapped, and they have not provided any services to Şingal. According to the Iraqi constitution, any region, if it wanted to express its self-administration, they acknowledge that, but so far it has not recognized the Autonomous Administration in Şingal, knowing that it has become  It has institutions on the ground and forces that protect it, such as YPŞ YJŞ, to be a deterrent to any potential attacks.

 We, in the name of the Autonomous Administration of Afrin region, condemn and denounce this international conspiracy on its seventh anniversary. We also appeal to the international community to know the fate of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared, to recognize this massacre as ethnic genocide and to hold the perpetrators accountable. We also call on the United Nations to provide support, protection and recognition of the Autonomous Administration in Shingal.

 The statement ended with the audience chanting slogans that salute the resistance of Şengal and the resistance of Afrin and condemn the crimes of the Turkish occupation.



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