Afrin’s Kongra Star starts signatures' campaign demanding the exit of occupation

Afrin’s Kongra Star launched a campaign to collect signatures, demanding the exit of the Turkish occupation from Afrin, stopping demographic change to hand it over to the UN, in a statement.


In rejection of the Turkish occupation of Afrin and in conjunction with the approaching of the annual anniversary of occupying Afrin, Kongra Star in Afrin and Şêrawa district of Afrin launched a signatures' campaign to be sent to the United Nations.

In this regard, Afrin Kongra Star released a statement before their headquarter in al-Ahdath district, with the presence of dozens of the Afrin Kongra Star members and women.

The statement was read by the member of the Diplomatic Relations Committee Zozan Mustafa.

The text of the statement:

"Afrin city, northwest of Syria, a city officially belonging to the Syrian city of Aleppo, rejected any external interference and paved the way to peaceful coexistence of the components there, and yet suffered the most terrible types of genocide, especially the genocide, which began on 20 January 2018 carried out by the Turkish fascist occupation forces and its mercenaries.

We, as citizens of Afrin city, took the resistance as a way to deter the occupation, where we faced warplanes and fierce attacks, condemning and denouncing the attacks of the Turkish fascist state on the olive city for 58 days and we continue to resist in al-Shahba

So ,we call on the international human rights organizations and the European Union to intervene quickly and help us to achieve our demands:

- Returning to our homes and land, because Afrin belongs to its people and reject any demographic change.

- Returning to homeland of Afrin under international auspices.

- Hold all those who attacked Afrin whose hands were stained with the blood of our martyrs and committed brutal massacres accountable.

- Help the people in the camps because of the lack of humanitarian and service support.

- Accelerate the establishment of a peaceful solution and remove the Turkish occupation from the Syrian territory as its occupation hinders the solution.

We call on the human rights organizations to respond quickly to our demands, so we on behalf of Afrin’s Kongra Star will launch a campaign to collect the signatures of the people of Afrin to return to their city, the city of peace, hoping you the quick response and human and sentimental intervention as we have the right to live on Afrin land under the peoples' brotherhood principles and peaceful coexistence and Syrian- Syrian solution ".

The statement ended with slogans saluting the Resistance of the Age and women and demanding the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish aggression.



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