Afrin's People: occupation aims to eliminate  Kurdish identity, but we to struggle

The residents of Afrin, living in al-Shahba canton, denounced the Turkish bombardment of the villages and districts of al-Shahba canton and said that Turkey aims to restore the Ottoman dreams.

This came in interview conducted by ANHA agency over the Turkish occupation of the lands of Northwest of Syria especially Afrin and the violation of the mercenaries there.

The citizen Leila Shemmo of the Yazidi society pointed to violations of the Turkish occupation of killing and looting and forcing the Yazidi community to convert to the Islamic religion.

Leila said that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries shell the villages and the districts of al-Shahba canton on daily basis adding, these villages are populated with the people of Afrin canton who forced to leave their villages due to the Turkish occupation on Afrin, in addition the Turkish occupation is building the separation wall in Shirawa villages to annex Afrin to Turkey.

The citizen Amina Rashid said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries claim that they are Muslims, but the Islamic religion prevents killing the children, the women and displacing the citizens and the civilians from their homes and their villages.

In his turn, the citizen Asad Henan said that the Turkish occupation aims to restore the Ottoman dreams and eliminate the Kurdish identity in the region but we will struggle and liberate Afrin. 



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