Afrin's people supported Leyla Guven's resistance

Participants in the hunger strike in the district of al-Ahdath confirmed the continuation of the struggle and resistance until lifting the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The hunger strike organized by Kongra Star in Afrin will continue on its fifth day, under the slogan " By The Prisons Resistance, We Will Triumph and Guarantee the Freedom of the leader Ocalan" to join the hunger strikers for the fifth day in a row with the participation of dozens of residents of al-Ahdath, Babens and Ahdath districts.

Kongra Star held a solidarity tent in one of the squares of Al-Ahdath in al- Shahba, and also decorated the tent with the photos of hunger strikers who were martyred in the prisons of the Turkish state, and photos of the fighter Leyla Guven, and photos of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

Dozens of people from Babens, Fafin districts of al-Shahba canton went to participate in the fifth day of the hunger strike.

The participants began with holding a minute of silence. The participants listened to a recorded statement by the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan about the organization of the Kurdish people on the basis of participatory and revolutionary life. The participants also listened to the voice of activist Leila Guven about her resistance and the resistance of all hunger strikers, who said they would continue their campaign until lifting the isolation of Ocalan.

Then the member of Kongra Star Al-Maz Hesso said they were supporting hunger strikers in all parts of Kurdistan and resisting prisons in order to lift the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Asserting that they are determined to resist Leyla Guven and her comrades in Turkish prisons.

Followed by a theatrical presentation focused on the resistance of Leyla Guven and Nasser Yagiz to lift the isolation of Ocalan and prison's resistance.

The event continues with delivering speeches and lectures.



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