​​​​​​​After call between Putin, Erdogan, intensive raids on Aleppo, Idlib's countryside

On Saturday morning, Russian aircraft launched intensive raids on the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo, hours after the telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stated that, on Saturday morning, Russian warplanes carried out intensive raids on areas in Ahsam, Binin, al-Fateira, Abyan, al-Barah, and Sarjah in Jabal al-Zawiya in the southern sector of the Idlib countryside, and several raids were launched after midnight on places in the vicinity of Atarib in the countryside Western Aleppo.

While the regime forces bombed places in Deir Sunbal, Kafr Nabl, Hass, and Basqala in Idlib countryside, and the outskirts of both Atarib and Darat Azza west of the city of Aleppo, while the Nayrab axis east of Idlib witnesses intensive and reciprocal shelling between the regime forces on one side, and Turkey and its mercenaries on the other.

This comes after contradicting the Russian-Turkish statements about the results of the phone call between Putin and Erdogan yesterday evening, which indicates a lack of agreement on the situation in Idlib.

Yesterday, after the failure of three rounds of Russian-Turkish talks, the two Presidents talked about the escalation in Idlib, erupted after the regime forces took control of large areas, and Turkish soldiers were killed during this.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has renewed his threats to the regime forces, speaking again about the deadline that ends at the end of this month, while the Russian Kremlin responded to it by saying that the Turkish attack on the regime is a bad scenario.



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