After Damascus's meeting with Al-Suwaidaa dignitaries, unknown individuals blew up grenade near cultural centre

Al-Suwaidaa city wetnessed an explosion of a grenade thrown by unknown individuals near the cultural centre, in which a meeting was held yesterday between Damascus delegation and dignitaries from the city.

SOHR reported seeing Damascus forces on high alert in Al-Suwaidaa, near the Cultural Center building coinciding with the arrival of a security delegation from the capital, Damascus, headed by Hossam Luqa, Director of General Intelligence and Minister of Interior, representatives of local factions, Sheikh Akl of the Druze community, and a number of social and religious leaders, to held a meeting to discuss security related issues in Al-Suwaydaa province.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the meeting tackled ways to enhance and improve the security, living and economic conditions and to find solutions to the problems of insecurity and the proliferation of weapons and stolen cars.

Damascus delegation called for the opening of a new centre to settle the situation of the residents of Al-Suwaydaa, who are wanted for compulsory service.

On August 7, SOHR activists reported that the dignitaries and elders from Al-Mazraa’ town in the western countryside of Al-Suwaydaa received a delegation of Russian military forces and police on Sunday morning.

The meeting was attended by Al-Sheikh Laith Al-Balaous, religious and social figures and representatives of “Al-Liwaa Al-Souri” party, at the guest house of the martyr Wahid Al-Balaous in Al-Mazaraa’ town.

The dignitaries also believe that the poor living condition in Al-Suwaydaa is due to the rampant corruption that Iran mainly contributed in, prompting the residents of Al-Suwaydaa to emigrate out of Syria.



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