After declaring curfew … Turkish occupation, its gangs launched massive arrest campaign in Tel-Abyed

​​​​​​​The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are waging an arrest campaign against civilians in the city of Tel Abyad and its countryside, coinciding with the curfew imposed on the region 3 days ago.

Local sources from Tel-Abyed reported to ANHA agency that the mercenary military intelligence arrested Mustafa Mustafa al-Ahmad al-Mustafa, Yassin al-Ahmad al-Mustafa, Aziz Yassin al-Mustafa, and Ismail Hassan al-Idris, all of them from one of the eastern neighborhoods of Tel Abyad.

The source added that other civilians had been arrested from the village of al-Hawija in Tel-Abyed canton and their names could not be obtained at this moment.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries imposed a curfew in Tel-Abyed canton and its countryside that it occupied after its brutal attack on October 9th of last year.



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