​​​​​​​After failed rounds .. Pederson reveals date for resumption of constitutional committee works

The UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, announced the date for the resumption of the work of the Syrian "constitutional committee" in Geneva, revealing that it will be on the 24th of next August, after several failed rounds that were missed by the real Syrian representatives.

In a briefing to him during a video conference of the Security Council on the situation in Syria, Pederson said that the plan to hold the third round of these talks is now confirmed and will start in Geneva on August 24, provided that the travel procedures and conditions are not changed.

In his briefing, Pederson also called for the need to lift unilateral coercive measures against Syria, saying: "The unilateral sanctions imposed limit the ability of the Syrian state to secure access to food, basic health supplies and medical supplies needed to combat Corona."

The so-called constitutional committee had held many rounds, all of which ended in failure, in the absence of the true representatives of the Syrian people. This round also comes after the Syrian government finished organizing the elections of the so-called Syrian People's Assembly, which means according to observers that this committee has become in vain.


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