After five years, she calls her brother for the first time

The Yezidi woman, liberated from mercenaries, spoke with her brother for the first time five years after her abduction.


During the liberation campaigns the Syrian Democratic Forces launched in northern and eastern Syria, they managed to liberate hundreds of Yazidi women who had been kidnapped by IS mercenaries during 2014 massacre.

ANHA reported earlier today the release of Jania Elias Khalaf, our correspondents were present the moment she arrived to the camp, and filmed the moment she made a call with her brother for the first time five years since then.

During the call, she told her brother about the bitter suffering she had experienced with her three children,  and asked about her parents, as the video shows the voice of her brother, who cries with joy to hear the voice of his sister again.

Jania expressed her desire to see her family again after liberation.

Video: Ahmed Mohamed - Nisreen Ali


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