After France, other countries want to receive IS' children

The Office of External Relations of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria(DAA) revealed contacts between the administration and several foreign parties to hand over some IS children after the administration handed over five children to the French Foreign Ministry.


The Office of Foreign Relations in DAA , according to spokesman Kamal Akef, told during a news conference held in the Office of Relations in the city of Qamishlo.

During the press conference, Kamal Akef explained that the five children who were handed over to the French Foreign Ministry are five years old. He pointed out that four of these children were in the camp of al-Hol, and one of them was at one of the families in the region.

Kamal Akef confirmed that the delivery of the 5 children was made after contact with representatives of the French Foreign Ministry in northern and eastern Syria, and the 5 children were handed over to their second class families adding, "the sons and mothers of these children have been killed during the battles fought by SDF against IS in Syria."

Kamal Akef said that there are external contacts with other countries to hand over other children,  and he did not address who are those, as well as the fact that the parties have not yet reached agreement with those parties.



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