After insulting and beating them, Turkish mercenaries kidnap 5 citizens in occupied Jandres district

​​​​​​​After beating and insulting them, the mercenaries of "Military Police" and "Civil Police" of Turkish occupation kidnapped 5 citizens and took them to an unknown place.

According to a source from occupied Canton of Afrin, a joint patrol of the mercenaries of "military police" and "civil police" of Turkish occupation raided the villages of Ramadiya, Tal Salur, and Hekaja in Jandres district of occupied Afrin, and kidnapped 5 citizens after beating and insulting them.

The source revealed their names, who are:

Nawras Darwish Mahmoud (32 years), from the village of Tal Salur.

Najeeb Farid Muhammad (25 years), from the village of Hekaja.

Ali Nizar Jamil (28 years), Shervan Khalil Abdo (26 years), and Mahmoud Hussein Hamo (30 years), from the village of Ramadiya.

The source added that the mercenaries beat the citizens, insulted them in front of their families, kidnapped them and took them to an unknown place without knowing their fate so far.



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