After its threats .. Turkey raises water level of rivers

Turkey has not only targeted the peasants with heavy weapons Today, it resorted to a water war that caused the flooding of 4,000 hectares of agricultural land.

The flow of river water in Gire Spi increased significantly after the threats of the Turkish occupation on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and is mobilizing its forces off the canton, as this time it raised the level of rivers coming from Turkish territory towards the Syrian territory and Gire Spi in particular, causing inundation 4 thousand hectares of agricultural land.

In this regard, ANHA's correspondents met with the co-chair Gire Spi Canton Council, Hevin Ismail who said

"The water level of the Jalab River, Sulawleh River and the village of Soussek and Kara Moog has risen and submerged about 4000 hectares of agricultural land, most of which are located on both sides of the Jalab River, which enters Syrian territory east of the city of Gire Spi."

"The irrigated area in Gire Spi district is 600,000 hectares, of which the Jalab River feeds nearly 2,000 hectares," she said.

The areas most affected by the high water level are those located on the banks of the Jalab River, which extends for 14 km, which starts from the Sharayan Bridge in the village of Zahle in the north and ends in the village of Khirbet al-Baida in the south.

Turkey is targeting peasants who plow their fields, with heavy and light weapons from time to time. On the other hand, it flood their lands by increasing the flow of rivers flowing from Turkey to Syria," she said.

Ismail called on all legal and human rights organizations to put an end to the violations of the Turkish state and to stop their aggressive policy against the people.

""The goods of this land are a source of income for all the components of the region," she said.  



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