After registering a death ... Health Body calls for following health instructions

The Co-chair of the Health Body in Afrin region called on the people to strictly adhere to the preventive and health instructions and measures of the Corona virus, while noting that the infections in al-Shahba canton were placed within the domestic quarantine.

During her statement regarding the spread of the Corona virus in al-Shahba canton, and calling on the people to follow the means of prevention, the Co-chair of the Health Body in Afrin region, Hevin Hassen said: "The case infected with the Corona virus in al-Shahba canton has been dealt with and the person was subjected to the home quarantine."

While she revealed that the death case that was recorded this morning was for a person called (A.A) at the age of 45 years, and he died 24 hours after he was quarantined, and that the second infected case is for a person who is 55 years old, and his infection was proved after a PCR analysis performed for it.

Hevin Hassen called on the parents to strictly adhere to the means of prevention, and follow the health and preventive instructions of the virus, with the commitment to stay at home,  "We must contain the virus and prevent it from spreading, and follow the health instructions to deal with it."

The Health Body in North and East Syria announced that 20 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, one case died in al-Shahba, and another recovered in Qamishlo, bringing the number of cases registered to 50 in the north and east of Syria.



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