After salvation from IS, they hope to know their detainees' fate

IS mercenaries raided their houses and arrested their children and their husbands without any reason. 5 years have passed and their fate is still anonymous. Al-Shahba canton's women demanded to release their children and hoped to liberate their areas from Turkish occupation's mercenaries.


Al-Shahab villages' districts were occupied by IS and other armed terrorist gangs, these areas witnessed atrocities by the mercenaries such as kidnapping, killing and inhumane practices against the civilians.

They expelled us and did not tell us the reasons, and the fate of my husband is unknown

In this context, the citizen (MN) who has lost her husband since about five years ago said, "One day at dawn praying, we were asleep. Suddenly, we heard the sound of the door. IS mercenaries broke into our house and arrested my husband without any warning or even mentioning the reasons."

(MN) describes this moment with great horror for her and her seven children, adding that since that day and until this moment, she has gone to IS' prisons in the region and other areas under their occupation, "I tried to make it clear that my husband did not criminalize any guilt and did not have any relations with anyone, but I did not get reliable information about him, and they expelled us and threatened us not to go back."

They kidnapped my husband, and exploited his absence

"After a while, they raided our house and took me out of it. My children and I have been homeless. I even managed to secure another house. They came back to raid my house, the women were prevented to go out on their own, and this was one of the daily hardships I suffered from to secure the needs of my children and the home."

"I hope to hear the news of my husband's return someday"

On the other hand, the wife of one of the detainees, Aziza Bashar, from Tel Aran, and she is the mother of five children said, "One day, during the occupation of IS mercenaries, my husband went out to buy some of the needs for the house in preparation for Eid al-Fitr days and since then, he has not returned home, after a long search, we were able to know that he was being held by IS."

The mercenaries must be removed from our areas in hope of saving our children and the rest of the detainees

While the woman (A,N) said, "Two children of mine were arrested by IS while they were at work, one of whom was married 10 days before his arrest. After searches, we received information that they were killed without any reason and their fate is still anonymous."



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