​​​​​​​After Turkish maneuvers ... Egyptian army carries out maneuver on Libyan borders

The Egyptian army carried out a military maneuver near the Libyan border called "Resolve 2020," in response to Turkey's announcement to carry out maneuvers in the Mediterranean.

Egyptian media outlets reported that the Egyptian armed forces with their main branches are carrying out the "Resolve 2020" maneuver on the western strategic direction, near the Libyan border.

On Wednesday, the Turkish navy announced that it will conduct massive naval exercises off the Libyan coast during the coming period. In addition, Turkish media outlets quoted the Turkish navy as saying that the expected maneuvers will be called "Naftex", and take place off the Libyan coast in 3 different regions, as each will bear a special name; "Barbaros", "Targot Rais" and "Chaka Bay."

The announcement of these maneuvers came a few days after the visit of the Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, Admiral Adnan Ozbal to the capital, Tripoli, accompanied by the Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar.


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