​​​​​​​Agreement at NATO meeting supports genocidal policies against Kurdish people

​​​​​​​ The Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party said that the efforts to expand NATO came as a declaration of hostility against the Kurdish people.

 The Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party issued a written statement regarding the Turkish occupation state's approval of Finland and Sweden joining NATO during the meeting held in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

 The text of the statement stated:

 Bargaining with NATO over the gains, values, freedom and struggle of the Kurdish people, for its expansion, is tantamount to declaring NATO's hostility against the Kurdish people.

 The agreement on June 28 in the Spanish capital, Madrid, between the murderous fascist authority and the enemy of democracy, the Turkish state on the one hand, and the states of Sweden and Finland, which are considered representatives of democracy, only expresses their duplicity and their shameful condition.  It is tantamount to exposing the true face of the so-called Western democratic system.  It ignored the decision taken by the Swedish Social Democratic Party to support the Kurdish people, and proved that everything can be compromised for the sake of interests.  This decision is a great injustice to the Swedish people and to those who trust in them.

 The agreement at the NATO meeting held in Madrid is an endorsement of the massacres and genocidal policies committed by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people for many years.  The Turkish state, which colonized Kurdistan after the Lausanne Agreement, and imposed genocide and massacres on the Kurds in their land, the Kurdish people, based on their intellectual orientation and high organization, impose democracy.  There is no power in the world that can defeat this people.  It cannot prevent the collapse of the Turkish state as a result of the Kurdish people's struggle. Therefore, the Turkish state is thinking of exterminating the Kurds through the support and backing of international forces.

 Since 1985, NATO has provided all forms of support to the Turkish state.  Despite this support, the Kurdish people's freedom struggle reached its climax.  There are hundreds of millions of friends of the Kurdish people all over the world, including Finland and Sweden.  The Kurdish people and their friends will escalate their struggle for democracy in the face of all those who support the Turkish state's policies aimed at annihilating the Kurdish people."



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