Agreement between Sudanese protesters, Military Council to "continue meetings"

The organizers of the Sudanese protests agreed on Saturday with the Transitional Military Council to "continue meetings" between the two parties to find a solution under which a civilian government will take power.

A leader of the Protest Movement in Sudan declared that the organizers of the protests agreed on Saturday evening with the Military Council, which took power after the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir to "continue meetings" between the two parties to agree on a solution under which the government receives civil authority from the army, according to AFP.

We have agreed to continue meetings to reach a mutually acceptable solution until the transfer of authority in accordance with peaceful arrangements," said Siddiq Yousef, the leader of the Freedom and Change Coalition.

And added, "We have made clear our main demands; the transfer of power from Military Council to a civilian authority, a requirement of public mobilization, which has lasted for four months, and the demand for a sit-in taking place now in front of the General Command of the armed forces in Khartoum.

This agreement was reached during a meeting held on Saturday evening between the military junta and five Coalition's leaders, which focused on the "transfer of power."

Yousef did not make clear whether this agreement meant that the organizers of the protests postponed their unilateral step, which was scheduled to be done on Sunday to form a civilian body to rule the country.

The protests' leaders said on Friday they would announce on Sunday the composition of a civilian body to rule the country, including representatives of the military members.

Since the army overthrew al-Bashir on 11 April, the country has been governed by a military council of 10 officers.



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