Agriculture committee ends rehabilitating 80% of al-Raqqa irrigation canals

The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council put a lot of efforts into the development of the agricultural sector, through the rehabilitation of main and subsidiary irrigation channels that irrigate thousands of hectares. According to the committee, the rate of reform in the irrigation canal estimated at 80% after the devastation inflicted to them.

Agriculture is considered the food basket for al-Raqqa's farmers and other areas. However, in recent seasons, agriculture has declined due to the destruction and devastation of infrastructure inflicted to the city, which has made the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee exert intensive efforts to rehabilitate irrigation channels, and each project contributes to the development of agriculture.

Currently, most of the main water channels estimated at 80% have been back on line after intensive months of work by the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, which has undertaken to rehabilitate all priority lines for agricultural areas.

The works implemented by Agriculture Committee

The Committee has worked to rehabilitate many irrigation channels, bridges and water pumps such as (al-Khayala canal, al-Ansar canal, High Lift channel, al-Belikh canal, Abo Kebra, al-Abaraa, the 17th canal, al-Mertah canal, Beir al-Hashm project, al-Jarwa canal, al-Salhabiya al-Sofla canal, al-Salhabiya al-Owlya canal, Volcano canal, Tel al-Samen and al-Heisha canals, and Kasret Serror canal).

The administrator in the Irrigation Office Fadel al-Mustafa said, "Many irrigation channels were out of service in previous periods because of the sabotage actions, in addition to the work that occurred as a result of the wars and most importantly, the lack of rehabilitation and maintenance of these channels since 2011."

Fadel al-Mustafa explained that the irrigation system depended on several plans and projects to promote the agricultural sector in the region, including irrigation stations, irrigation channels, banks, irrigation pumps and agricultural roads.



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