Ahmad Kobani: West should receive their detained IS citizens

Ahmad Habash member of the Inspection Committee in the Kurdistan Democratic Society Congress in Europe said, "the European countries should undertake their grave responsibility within our war against Daesh, not receiving their Daesh detainees at our forces' hands is negligence against the international community that has suffered from this immense danger on the security of all peoples.


Within few hours or days, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will announce the final military triumph over Daesh mercenaries in al-Bagouz, where the most dangerous gangs in the world are, it is only SDF that could defeat them in northern and eastern Syria ending up crammed in a small pocket which fall is a matter of days.

As IS' geographical span in its last pocket shrank, thousands of mercenaries-with their families- have surrendered in the past few days, which put a heavy burden on the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the region while the West is still procrastinating receiving their citizens who joined Daesh.

Ahmad Habash, known as Ahmad Kobani talked to our agency on this issue saying, "The international security is interconnected, and IS does not differentiate amongst nations in its war, politicians should behave wisely with this dangerous file."

Habash noted, "Turkey is practicing political hypocrisy at all levels in the region and the world, it is training IS' members in the West through the extremist Turkish community to be sent to Syria and Iraq, simultaneously, it claims fighting Daesh in the region to achieve its dreams in manipulation and stealing resources."

Answering a question about the West receiving their citizens of IS detainees, Habash said, "within the Western Media, there is a media campaign against receiving them, they only suggest stripping them of nationality."

He said, "we cannot stand their terrorist remains, they must be tried in their countries according to the international law."

Ahmad Habash member of the Inspection Committee in the Kurdistan Democratic Society Congress in Europe said that they have made Turkish-Daesh partnership clear for the Western politicians and how Turkey trains and uses them to carry out their operations in the region, sabotage its riches, and resurrect the old Turanian dream.  

On the fate of the Turkish IS detainees, he said, "they must not be handed over to Turkey since this state is far from the international and humanitarian law and is not worthy of trust, if we handed the detainees over, we will see them the next day at fronts, this is what this immoral regime used to do."

Habash concluded, "everyone is demanded to take a serious stance to fight IS today and tomorrow to treat this international epidemic with an iron fist."   


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