Ahmed Khoja: Janders’ martyrs are icon of continuing Kurdish resistance

Ahmed Khoja considered the flame of Newroz Janders as a continuation of the Kurdish resistance and non-submission to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, indicating that the so-called Coalition and the Kurdish National Council are responsible for shedding the blood of the Kurds in occupied Afrin.

On March 18, 2018, Syrian mercenaries, alongside the Turkish occupation, destroyed the statue of Kawa al-Hadad, symbol of Newroz, in the center of Afrin, during its occupation; In the same month, 5 years later, Janders district in the occupied canton witnessed a brutal massacre due to lighting the Newroz flame in Janders district in occupied Afrin.

Reactions continue to condemn the Janders massacre, which claimed the lives of 4 Kurdish citizens on the eve of Newroz in occupied Janders by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state.

In this context, a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Khoja, told ANHA’s agency, "The martyrs of the Janders massacre with the fire they lit confirmed that Newroz is the continuation of the Kurdish resistance and not yielding to the Turkish occupation, despite the attempts to extinguish the flame of Newroz hundreds of years ago."

He added, "The so-called coalition and the Kurdish National Council are responsible for the bloodshed of the Kurdish people there. For many years they have been repeating that they will liberate Afrin from the Democratic Union Party. What is the result today? They are practicing ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Kurds in Afrin, and trees, stones and everything are being destroyed." They are criminal groups."

Regarding those responsible for the massacre, Khoja said, "The so-called coalition and its affiliated mercenary groups have promoted that they will change the reality of the areas they enter for the better under the name of the revolution. And for all criminal acts in light of the spread of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state, but the people of the region have become completely certain of the path taken by the Coalition and the Kurdish National Council.

Regarding the ongoing demographic change processes, Ahmed Khoja said, "In addition to the genocide against the Kurds, there are countries that help in the process of demographic change (Qatar and Kuwait) under the names of humanitarian aid, trying to uproot the indigenous people from occupied Afrin."

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