Ahmed Turk: Turkish state policy has reached a dead end

"The policy of the Turkish state has reached a dead end, and I am confident that the people will soon change this policy," said Turk.

In August 19, Turkish authorities seized major municipalities in the northern Kurdish cities of Amed, Wan and Mardin, isolating the mayors and appointing instead guardians. People continue to protest against these measures.

The joint mayor of Mardin, Ahmed Turk, told our agency about the authorities' takeover of municipalities, the appointment of guardians, and the threats of the Turkish state against northeastern Syria.

"The Turkish state seeks to silence the voice of Kurdish politicians and undermine the struggle of the Kurdish people," Turk said. "We are fighting for a free, democratic and brotherly life." "They continue the policy of fostering hostility between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples. The appointment of guardians of municipalities is part of this policy."

'With the appointment of guardians, the hostility of the Turkish authorities for peace was once again revealed'

"Mr. Ocalan is engaged in a valuable struggle for peace, common life and brotherhood of the peoples. However, the Turkish state does not want to solve the Kurdish people issue peacefully, nor can this government continue like this. "

"The Turkish state is living in a very critical situation, both at home and abroad. Everyone knows that the Turkish state ignores rights, justice and democracy. The whole world knows Turkey's policy," Turk said. Turkish state policy is based on interests. "

In his speech, Turk also touched on the Turkish threats against the areas of northeastern Syria, and said that the Turkish state will not be able to carry out its threats. "The Turkish state cannot take any step without the knowledge and consent of the United States, Russia and Iran. They make threats daily in line with domestic policy."

"Had the Turkish state managed to contain the Kurdish people, it would have become a superpower in the Middle East, but the Turkish state considers the Kurdish people its main enemy.

Through these threats, they seek to undermine the existing agreement between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, and to provoke conflict and confrontations between peoples, and it continues to maintain its authority through this policy.

'Soon the people will get rid of the policies of the Turkish state'

Ahmed Turk talked about the resistance and struggle of the people of northern Kurdistan against the decision to seize the municipalities and appoint guardians, he said “the people are dissatisfied with the decision to appoint guardians, the policy that the Turkish state adopts has reached a dead end. I am confident that the people will soon be able to change these policies and get rid of them.



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