Ain Issa municipality... completed projects, others need support

The People's Municipality in Ain Issa implemented many service works during the new year which provided work opportunities to dozens of the people of the district, despite its simple capabilities, it seeks to start on new projects when it is supported.

The People's Municipality of Ain Issa district of Girê Spî canton is working to provide the maximum amount of services and work that it has and to provide the needs of the people of the area of services despite the limited possibilities
The Municipality's Services Committee managed to implement several service projects in the area during the first month of the new year, such as, the repair and installation of 100 lighting lamps in the main streets of the district, rehabilitation of roads, planting 500 trees including 20 cypress trees and 250 palm trees on the bench in some main roads and neighborhoods.

During a meeting with the co-chair of the Services Committee in the People's Municipality in the district Nour Amin pointed out that they do service work despite the simple possibilities available, and work in coordination and supervision of the work of organizations in the region

He pointed out that they have some important service projects, such as rehabilitation of the sewage project in the industrial neighborhood in the district, and the rehabilitation of some roads that are currently stalled due to the lack of a full budget, and will be started with the availability of the budget that seeks to secure them in coordination with the Municipal Body in the canton.

The committee works on the drainage project in three main streets, each 600 meters long, each street needs 200 meters, and the maintenance of old sewerage in the neighborhood, which has been damaged and out of work for years.

The committee also has qualified the four gardens in the district in late 2018 as part of the service projects that the committee seeks to add aesthetics to the district in general.



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