Ain Issa youth: We to not remain silent on any harm affects Ocalan

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Ain Issa district called for revealing the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and emphasized the youth's unification against Erdogan's ambitions and his conspiracies against the Syrian people.

After reports about a fire on Imrali Island received, thousands of people from the north and east regions of Syria demonstrated, asking the concerned authorities and international institutions to intervene to reveal the health and safety of the leader Ocalan. In addition, dozens of statements were issued by civil institutions and political movements calling on Turkey to uncover Ocalan's fate and check on his health.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Ain Issa district issued a statement read by the member of the Revolutionary Youth Movement, Zahra Mohammed, in which she called for the Turkish authorities to disclose the fate and health of Ocalan.

The statement stressed that the Youth Movement will not tolerate any harm targeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan whose ideas illuminate their freedom's path, asking for the approval of the lawyers’ request to meet Ocalan to check on his health.

It said: "The ambitions of the butcher Erdogan, whose bargaining over the blood of the Syrian people, have become clear and visible to the whole world."

At the end of their statement, they cited with the words of the historic Arab leader, Omar al-Mukhtar: "When anyone fights to occupy and loot, they may stop fighting if their sleeve is full, or their powers are exhausted, but when they fight for their homeland, they move on their war to the end."

The demonstrations and sit-ins are pervaded all areas of northern and eastern Syria in anger, demanding the reassurance of the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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