Aisha Effendi: Leyla said she was confident that we were heading for victory

Aisha Effendi said the silence of the world towards the hunger strike campaign led by the MP Leyla Guven showed that the plot against the Kurdish people still continued."

The MP Democratic Peoples' Party and the Co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference Leyla Guven has entered since 8 November 2018 a hunger strike, demanding to lift the isolation on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, as her hunger strike entered the 180th day after Leyla Guven, hundreds of activists and detainees announced a hunger strike demanding to end the isolation on Ocalan, yet the world is still silent.

On this subject, our agency (ANHA) held a meeting with the member of the Department of Relations Committee of the Democratic Union Party in Kobani canton Aisha Effendi, who said: "In the person of Leyla Guven, hundreds of people began hunger strike campaigns because Leyla's strike has given wide resonance all over the world, and has greatly affected the enemy."

Aisha Effendi has previously spoken to Leyla Guven via telephone, recounted her talk with her to Hawar news agency and said, "Leyla gave me strength when I saw that she had been on hunger strike for 180 days despite her advanced age. She still enjoys high spirits. Leyla told me, "We are in a very important position because there is a very worthy resistance. My demand is clear, but I am confident that we are heading towards victory. When I see hundreds of people on hunger strike, and rallies take place around the world, I draw great strength. I send my greetings to all the people of Rojava."

Strikers' goals will be achieved

"Achieving the goals of the hunger strikers is at our hands. We must support their resistance and work seriously to remove the isolation on the leader and conduct meetings with him," said Aisha Effendi.

The hunger strike until death

Fifteen political prisoners held in Kerkoui prisons in Istanbul, Kebza in Kojali, Wan and Amed have been on hunger strike since seven days. The detainees who declared the hunger strikes to death were Nisreen Akol, Shukran Aydin and Zuzan Çîçek in Bakr Koy prison for women, Ardal Geshme, Asli Dogan in Kebaza prison for Women, Ahmed Anki, Ozhan Jihan, Wedad Ozgar, Ihsan Bulut, Arol Gelick in Wan prison, Anken Akan, Anwar Dormaz, Ahmed Topkaya, Abdul Khalouk Kaplan and Ferhad Torqay in Amed prison.



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