AKP's authorities besiege municipalities Amed, wan, Mêrdînê

Turkish authorities have expelled the co-chairs of the municipalities in the cities Amed, Wan and Mêrdînê from their duties, where the police also surrounded the 3 municipal buildings and smashed the door of the Amed municipality.

The Turkish police surrounded the buildings of the municipalities of Amed, Wan and Mêrdînê in north Kurdistan, while the Ministry of Local Administration expelled the co-chairs from their duties.

The authorities have expelled the co-chair of Amed Selçûk Mizrakli, and the co-chair of Mêrdînê municipality Ahmed Turk, and the co-chair of the Wan municipality Bedîa Ozgokçe from their duties.

Turkish police also broke the door of the Amed municipality building.

The co-chair of Wan municipality Selçûk Mizrakli, said that he had not received any notification of his dismissal from his duties. And he added, at 6 O'clock the door of the municipality building was being destroyed, shortly I will go to the municipality, this is against the laws, this position which is against the Peoples' Democratic Party is considered anti-democratic opposition, the will of the people has been seized."



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