​​​​​​​Al-Abed: We should not count on international community

Hamdan al-Abed stressed that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is counting on the people of the region to confront the Turkish attacks.

Vice-Co-chair of Executive Council of Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan Al-Abed, pointed out the opportunism of Turkish occupation state and the exploitation of international circumstances to complete the genocide of region' people, "Turkish occupation state continues its attacks on NE Syria without abiding by the ceasefire agreement concluded among Turkey, Russia and United States of America," stressing, "We are still living in a real ongoing military war."

Al-Abed pointed to the lies propagated by Turkish state, "all Turkish occupation state threats  to occupy Tal Rifaat and Manbij or the regions of NE Syria under the pretext of protecting its "national security" and establishing a "safe area" and returning refugees, all of these are pretexts, and the real goal of it is to occupy new parts of Syrian lands and annex them to its lands, as it did with Iskenderun Brigade."

He added, "If its national security is being threatened from our regions, why not fear for its security in Idlib, where mercenary groups are classified as terrorist internationally, in addition to a number of leaders and personalities from al-Qaeda and ISIS."

Al-Abed considered the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO and their submission to Turkish conditions, "is a conspiracy against north and east Syria and neglecting the rights of all its peoples."

Al-Abd stressed the need not to count on international powers, "we should not rely on international powers and European countries, but on our solidarity, cohesion and unity regardless of international treaties and covenants."

Al-Abed pointed to the distant goals of Turkish occupation state, "aims to implement its agendas and revive Ottoman Empire because it want Aleppo, Mosul and Kirkuk."

Al-Abed noted, "We regret giving the green light to Turkey to attack NE Syria in exchange for successive deals. We noticed that there were deals at the beginning of the crisis, among Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syrian regime to empty the countryside of Damascus and sections of Aleppo neighborhoods and Daraa within deals, and move them to Idlib, Afrin and occupied areas."

Hamdan al-Abed warned, "If Turkey attacks the region, this means reviving ISIS and its cells," stressing that "Turkey wants to revive ISIS in one way or another, which threatens not only Syria, but the whole world, so United Nations and international organizations should classify Turkey as terrorist and supportive countries for terrorism."

Al-Abed called on United Nations to put an end to Turkey and its threats, adding, "They are trying to wage a war of extermination against the Kurdish people."

At the conclusion of his speech, Hamdan Al-Abed sent a message to United Nations, European countries and human rights organizations that there should be an international law to prevent Turkey from attacking the region.



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