Al-Aboud calls for vigilance towards Turkey's efforts to destroy social fabric in NE Syria

The head of the Council of the Future Syria Party in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Azab Al-Aboud, warned the people of the region against the Turkish attempts to turn the coexisting components in north and east Syria against each other, and called for strengthening cohesion and confronting the colonial plans of the Turkish state.

North and east Syria is witnessing attacks and a special war waged by the Turkish occupation army, as its main games are to sow discord among the people, encourage immigration, target women and youth through prostitution and drugs, and distort the image of the Autonomous Administration and its institutions and military apparatus.

In this context, the head of the Future Syria Party Council in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Azab Al-Aboud, spoke to our agency, and said, "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and the fueling of the internal conflict in Syria, the Turkish state has been trying to exploit the circumstances and chaos in order to pass its agendas and occupation projects in restoring the defunct "Ottoman"  not only in Syria, but in the region in general.

She referred to the Turkish intervention in the Syrian crisis to a greater extent, especially after the liberation of northern and eastern Syria from ISIS mercenaries who were supported by the Turkish occupation state, using all media, military and political means.

She pointed out that ISIS mercenaries failed to perform the Turkish tasks required of them, and their thorns were broken thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the sacrifices they make every day, and the sacrifices of the martyrs from the people of northern and eastern Syria.

She indicated that these efforts and sacrifices "were the cornerstone for stopping the Turkish occupation project from expanding further in the region."

Al-Abboud continued, "The national unity of all components and their rallying around the Syrian Democratic Forces played a major role in preventing the Turkish state from reaching its ambitions of occupation and colonization and creating a state of instability and chaos in the region."

She also increased, "in all the international meetings that were held in the past periods, whether in the Madrid, Astana, Sochi, or even the Tehran summit, the Turkish state was not accepted by the controlling and influential countries in the Syrian crisis to launch its military operation on northern and eastern Syria."

She explained that the Turkish state is trying today to use new means in its war on north and east Syria and its historical hostility against the people of the region, "and it always uses flimsy pretexts to protect Turkish national security and fight terrorism to pass its occupying projects in the region."

The Turkish occupation state targets the social fabric

The head of the Future Syria Party Council, Azab al-Aboud, said that "the Turkish occupation state uses several means, including drones, private war and media war, through which it is trying to sow fear and panic in the hearts of the people of the region, to strike its social fabric and cohesion."

And she continued, "There was nothing left for it but to play on the national, sectarian, even clan, tendon between the components in an attempt to penetrate the fortress of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples. Social unity and a cohesive social fabric became the ideal weapon to stop the war in north and east Syria and a model for resolving the suffering of Syrians."

Referring to the efforts of the Turkish occupation state to promote drugs within society and target the young group, Azab Al-Aboud said: "The Turkish state is trying by various means, whether through drugs or cells affiliated with the Turkish intelligence or prostitution, to strike the social fabric and national cohesion, which has become a difficult number even in political equations.  International".

'The Syrian people must rise up in the face of the occupier

Azab Al-Aboud stressed that in the Future Syria Party they always stress the importance of the concerted efforts of all components of the Syrian people and the uprising in the face of the Turkish occupier, especially in the occupied areas.

And she continued, "We always call upon the components of our people to rise up and for the popular force and the solidarity of the people to be the ideal message in ending the existence of the Turkish occupation, which commits several crimes against humanity and has become a source and maker of "terrorism" and poses a threat even to the world order."

The head of the Council of the Future Syria Party, Azab Al-Abboud, concluded her speech by saying: "After the success of the Autonomous Administration project and the democratic project, which has become a model for democracy in all countries of the world, the people have become more aware and aware of the projects of the Turkish occupation state that target the Autonomous Administration and distort its image and true essence."



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