Al-Amiri calls on Iraqi government to take diplomatic measures regarding Turkish invasion

On Monday, the head of Al-Fatih Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, called on the government to break its silence regarding the Turkish invasion of Iraqi lands and take all diplomatic measures in this regard.

"We are following with great concern the broad Turkish invasion of northern Iraq, which is unacceptable under any pretext, there is no international justification or legal justification or any legal cover for it, knowing that this latest invasion differs from all previous attacks, in terms of depth of land and period of the the invasion, "according to Alsumaria.

He added, "The recent invasion reached a depth of up to 25 km and with an extensive presence, and this carries dangerous indications in which the Turks seem to want to impose a fait accompli policy, trying to form a security belt similar to the security belt in northern Syria."

Al-Amiri warned of what he called "a plan", calling on the Turkish government to "withdraw immediately from Iraqi lands."

He continued, "We see that these hostile acts are not in the interest of the two countries, which have extensive historical, religious and brotherly relations, in addition to the developed economic relations," calling on the Iraqi government to "break its silence and take all appropriate diplomatic and political measures to end these repeated attacks."

He also called on the government to "raise this issue in the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and in international forums, and all Iraqi national forces must take a unified compromise to preserve Iraqi sovereignty and end these abuses."

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