​​​​​​​Al-Asr Office: We must go to Imrali immediately

The Legal Office of al-Asr issued a written statement regarding reports of a fire in Imrali Island prison, where the leader Abdullah Ocalan is detained.

Information indicated that a fire broke out this morning in a forest on the island of Imrali, where leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held.

Accordingly, the Legal Office of Age issued a statement, indicating that they should go to Imrali Prison immediately.

The text of the statement read:

"The media reported that a fire broke out on Imrali Island on February 27, 2020, and because we were prevented from meeting our clients since the month of August 7, 2019, we lost all information about our clients in Imrali Prison. Therefore, we have no information on the issue of the fire and we learned about the news via media outlets. In order to ease our fears and concerns about the safety and health of our clients, we reviewed the Ministry of Justice and the Republican Public Prosecution in Bursa, and asked to meet our clients immediately. We are closely monitoring the situation. Everyone must act responsibly regarding news related to the conditions of isolation heading to Imrali immediately."

Immediately after the news of the fire broke out, the attorneys Ibrahim Belgin, Zarai Turgut, Rizan Siraj, and Mazloum Denc submitted a request to meet with their clients in Imrali Prison.


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