Al-Bab Military Council condemned Turkey's occupation practices

Al-Bab Military Council issued a statement confirming the rejection of any presence of the Turkish occupation in al-Bab city or any other Syrian city. The council called on the international community and the activated countries in the Syrian affairs to put pressure on the Turkish occupation to withdraw from al-Bab and the Syrian north and to help the displaced people from the violations of Turkey and its mercenaries to return.


The statement issued by al-Bab Military Council read by the general commander of the council Jamal Abu Juma on Sunday in al-Arima town in al-Bab city, and the statement included:

"As the situation continues in Syria and al-Bab area which is suffering from the Turkish occupation and its aggressive practices and the practices of its mercenary factions as our people are subjected to the worst inhuman practices, we in al-Bab Military Council reaffirm our positions rejecting any presence of the Turkish forces in our city and countryside or any other Syrian city, and we consider it as a direct occupying force.

Perhaps two years of the occupation and violations practiced by these forces accompanied by their militias and mercenaries, the acts of robbery, killing, arresting and preventing civilians from returning to their cities are sufficient to confirm that what is happening is a brutal occupation in every sense of the word without legitimate or popular acceptance.

This led to a displacing campaign from the city as a result of the absence of security and stability, and they turned the homes of the civilians into military barracks, and places of secret detention to all those who reject the policy of persecution, terrorism.

Therefore, we call on the international community and the countries that are active in the Syrian affairs to intervene and put pressure on the Turkish state to withdraw from al-Bab and the Syrian north. We demand to take all necessary measures to stop violations, crimes and killings. We also call on the Syrian and UN activated sides to put pressure on Turkey to allow the return of thousands of families form al-Bab city to their city.



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