Al-Bashir admitted charges against him, Gulf State applied to host him

Sudanese media have revealed that ousted President Omar al-Bashir has admitted the charges directed against him by authorities investigating him after overthrowing him after protests in the country since December.

 The Sudanese newspaper "al-Jarida" said in a headline on Saturday that al-Bashir admitted the charges against him, saying, "We have been hit by the call of the oppressed."

The Sudanese Public Prosecutor agreed to investigate the ousted president Omar al-Bashir on charges of a coup d'état against the legitimate government in 1989.

The case is based on old laws passed since 1983 because the current criminal law introduced a constitutional amendment by al-Bashir regime.

The sources confirmed that "the Prosecution's investigations focused on real estate and bank balances in addition to the houses in which they live and the offices where they work."

A few days ago, press sources revealed that one of the Gulf Countries made a bid to host the deposed President Omar al-Bashir on its territory, without revealing the name of this country and when it made its offer.

According to al-Youm al-Tali newspaper, the offer included the permanent residence of al-Bashir and his family. While information indicated that al-Bashir agreed to the offer, and was referred to the Transitional Military Council for decision.



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