Al-Bureij clan calls on northeast Syria clans to support SDF, be alert to plans of regime's agents

The Al-Bureij clan appealed to its cousins ​​from the Al-Egeidat clan to show restraint and support the Syrian Democratic Forces, to uncover the cells and agents of the Syrian regime and its Iranian militias that target the security and stability of the region.

This came through a statement issued by the Al-Bureij clan in Al-Raqqa, which was read today by one of the sheikhs of the Al-Bureij clan, Sheikh Ali Al-Mahmoud, in the presence of dozens of sheikhs and notables in the Al-Karamah area and he said:

To our honorable people and every citizen who is free, honorable, and jealous of the interests of his country and the souls of the nation.

Today, we have an honor and dignity stance, to express our feelings and our opinion of what is happening in our homeland in terms of developments in the political arena. We  affirm the unity and the preservation of Syrian identity and our support for the Syrian Democratic Forces that sacrificed for the sake of the freedom of the homeland and the citizen.

Our country is still suffering from the ravages of war and destruction. We strive to overcome all difficulties. What we have achieved within a few years is great as we are moving towards building, stability and preserving property and lives.

External colonial powers like Turkey, Iran and the Baathist regime exploit these conditions and spread drugs among the youth, lure , send them to fight their brothers in Libya, sabotaging the social fabric in the country. The systematic assassination of the Arab clan create chaos in the region and push Arab clans sons to raise their weapons in the face of those who sacrificed to alleviate the injustice of our people in all regions of northern Syria without differentiating between one clan or another region or another.

Our clans were and still are considered the safety valve for our region and the active forces that can be relied upon to stand in the way of all attempts that seek to thwart the democratic nation project that preserves human dignity and the truth of his existence.

 What is happening today in Deir ez-Zor is nothing but a game of conspirators who want to stir discord and manipulate the capabilities of our people and bargain with the lives of our youth and sacrifice them for the sake of serving foreign agendas seeking to control our land to humiliate us after we breathe the air of freedom.

We have to be aware in this stage because it is considered the stage of real construction, four years after the declaration of the Autonomous Administration in the North and East of Syria, and the people of the region administered themselves and their institutions relying on their experiences and the help of the honorable people of the region - We stand today, glory and dignity, denouncing all the acts of chaos that took place in our regions through some strangers and the weak. We call on all to stand together in the face of the tyrants who want us to go back to square one to be a tool exploited by the authoritarian regimes.

Let us preserve our homeland and concentrate our forces on building the nation, and be its impenetrable shield in the face of all conspirators and greedy ones.

Long live a free, democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria.

Long live the brotherhood of peoples.

Notables and people of the Karama area. "

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