​​​​​​​Al-Darbasiyah citizens: leader Ocalan thought  solves Middle East crises

Citizens of Al-Darbasiyah district in Al-Hasakah canton said  removing the imposed isolation on Ocalan, crises will be resolved in the Middle East, and peace and democracy will prevail in the region.

Since February 15, 1999, the leader of peace, humanity and democracy has been detained in Imrali prison. Today, thousands followers of his democratic approach, demand breaking the isolation imposed on him by the fascist Turkish government.

This conspiracy aims at eliminating Ocalan's ideology and philosophy , who demanded fought for rights of all oppressed in the Middle East, that is why the Turkish state goes on imposing strict isolation on him and prevent his family and his lawyer from meeting him.

Citizens of Al-Darbasiyah area explained to Hawar News that  Ocalan gave the oppressed peoples hope to escape from the injustice they suffered from the ruling regimes.

Salem Al-Salem, of the Arab component says, "Ocalan's thought and idiology gave hope to all oppressed peoples: it is the only way to save this people from the policies of colonial states that reject the thinking, culture and language of the other component."

Al-Salem notes that Ocalan's thought has become a beacon in the Middle East "because all components have found their freedom in his democratic idea and philosophy that is why the solution to Middle East crises will be through his thought and philosophy."

On his part, Abdul Rahim Arabo said, "The international conspiracy against the leader is a continuation of the occupation policies, which always targets the culture and existence of the Kurdish people everywhere."

Arabo explained that the Kurdish people are becoming more attached to their Kurdish issue and identity, day after day. It follows the leader's approach and thought that demands freedom for all oppressed peoples throughout history, and not only the Kurdish people.

As for Majed Hasso, he expressed his rejection of the isolation imposed on the leader saying, "Ocalan is physically detained, but we are spreading his idea and philosophy: every day, we establish ourselves and follow our path on his thought and philosophy."

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