Al-Dashisha teachers: Turkey, its gangs committed war crimes; must be classified at terrorism lists

The teachers of al- Dashisha district of al-Hasakah canton demanded the UN Security Council to classify the Turkish occupation's mercenaries what the so-called "National Army" at the lists of terrorism, as a result of the criminal and terrorist acts they committed against the people of north and east of Syria.

The reactions denouncing the Turkish attack on the areas of north and east of Syria are still continued, and demanding the inclusion the Turkish occupation's mercenaries the so-called "Syrian National Army" at the international terrorism.

In this context, the teachers of al- Dishisha district, 40 km southwest of al-Shaddadi, which belongs to al-Hasakah canton, condemned the Turkish aggression that still continues in the areas of north and east Syria, which left more than 400 civilians dead, including women and children, as a result of using all types of heavy weapons and internationally prohibited.

Teacher Bassam al-Ibrahim asserted that Turkey and its mercenaries carried out killings, looting, stealing and rape of women in the areas they entered to occupy under the pretext of establishing a "safe zone".

And Bassam al-Ibrahim indicated that such actions were being committed by ISIS in a similar way to the areas that were entering to occupy it, with the aim of spreading terror and fear among the safe citizens, extending its control and spreading the terrorist ideology, "This, if it indicates anything, indicates Turkey's reception of the fugitive elements from the battles with SDF and their return to the Syrian north under new names."


And al-Ibrahim pointed out, that Turkey’s goal of these terrorist acts is the demographic change in the region and spread strife between the coexisting components for thousands of years, and the expansion of its geographical area, and the best evidence for this is its actions in occupied Afrin and Jarablous, by building the separation wall and opening the roads linking it with Turkey to make it an official state that deals in its currency and studies curricula in its own language and more.

Al-Ibrahim pointed out that all this is being done with the help of what is known as the "Syrian National Army", and therefore we demand that the perpetrators of these crimes be included in the lists of terrorism by the UN Security Council, which monitored the progress of events, and is fully informed of all that is happening.

For his part, the teacher Hamadah al-Faraj indicated that Turkey is the first supporter of ISIS mercenaries in Syria, through dealing with it before it was destroyed by the Syrian forces from the north and east of Syria, "through the purchase of oil from ISIS by large sums of money and the entry of weapons and fighters from the official border crossings, then they received them back and sent them back with new names to kill the Syrians. "

It should be noted that the Turkish occupation caused the displacement of more than 300 thousand families from the border areas, which are still witnessing violations by the occupation and its mercenaries, ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra for the cease-fire.



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