Al-Deeb: Russian- Turkey's talks reached total fiasco, imperative of agreement is certain

The director of the Russian Realest Experts Center, PH D. Amr al-Deeb, confirmed that the Russian-Turkish meeting yesterday did not result in anything, and that the current situation is to leave matters so that each party can control what it can control, and then reach a new temporary truce in Idlib.

The Russian-Turkish talks will resume today, after yesterday's failure to reach an understanding on the situation in Idlib.

These talks come after two previous rounds held in Ankara, and Russia and Turkey were unable to reach understandings against the backdrop of the escalation in Idlib.

The situation was tense in Idlib, against the background of the advancement of the regime forces and control of important areas such as Maarat al-Numan, Saraqib, the "M5" road, and securing the Aleppo area, and Turkish soldiers have been killed during this.

On this PH.D, he spoke to Hawar news agency ANHA at the Institute of International Relations and World History of the Lubashivsky University and Director of the Russian Realest Expert Center, Amr al-Deeb.

Al-Deeb began his speech by saying: "As for the meeting with the Russian-Turkish yesterday, it really did not result in anything, but the inevitability of reaching an agreement that satisfies all parties in Idlib will be certain, because the Russian-Turkish relations are strong relations, and they cannot get worse because of Idlib, or that any direct confrontation occurs." between two sides".

On the course of events, al-Deeb said: "The situation at this time is to leave things as they are to control more areas, or for each party to be able to get more of what it can control, and then a temporary truce will be agreed in Idlib, but with no HTS. "

He explained: "The most important steps taken are only military coordination between the two parties to prevent any confrontations and avoid any mistakes that could lead to the killing of Russian or Turkish soldiers, and this matter is important for both parties, because this will increase the flare-up of the situation in Russian and Turkish public opinion, but agreeing to a truce in Idlib is inevitable, and this will happen in one way or another, but here is the question about timing. "

On whether there is a Russian-Turkish deal, al-Deeb saw, "There will be no deal. We are talking about dangerous matters. There is a terrorist force that threatens not only civilians but rather Russian forces in Hmeimim."



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