Al Habib: How does the constitution of a country whose sovereignty is subjected to external aggression be discussed?

Hikmat al-Habib explained that they in northern and eastern Syria do not count on the success of the work of the Constitutional Committee to be held today, wondering how to hold such a meeting at a time when Syrian sovereignty is exposed to external aggression by the Turkish occupation state.

The first meeting of the so-called Constitutional Committee, sponsored by Astana guarantors "Russia, Turkey and Iran," starts today in Geneva, Switzerland, amid dwindling hopes that it will reach tangible and serious results to resolve the Syrian crisis as a result of disagreements among the committee members and the lack of real representation of the Syrian people.

In response, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council explained, Hikmat al-Habib, they are in the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council SDC in the north and east of Syria do not count on the success of the work of this committee, which will hold today since it has faced since yesterday the demands of the withdrawal of personalities and sustainable differences between them.

Al-Habib said that the committee is subject to influences and pressure from countries calling themselves guarantors such as Turkey and Iran. He explained that the regime is determined to discuss the current constitution and amend some of its provisions amid the rejection of those who call themselves "Opposition" to this proposal as it gives wide powers to the President of the Republic.

Habib stressed that the results of the meeting of the Committee does not mean for the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, in the absence of the representative of more than 5 million Syrians within this geography.

Al-Habib pointed out that the international community is not serious about solving the Syrian crisis because of the absence of the active forces on the ground. These meetings will be a marathon of the meetings as Astana and Geneva and will not produce any concrete and serious results.

Finally, Hikmat al-Habib, deputy chairman of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, asked how the meeting of the Constitutional Committee is held at a time when Syrian sovereignty is subjected to external aggression by the Turkish state, especially as the guarantors and participants in the meeting call for their protection and preservation of the land and independent Syrian sovereignty.



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