Al-Habib: We fear of Turkish-Russian deal at expense of NE Syria

The Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Hikmat Al-Habib expressed his concern of the Turkish occupation army's withdrawal from some points in Hama that will be a Russian-Turkish deal to pave the way for a new attack on NE Syria.

The Turkish occupation army has intensified its attacks on the northeast Syria regions, following its withdrawal from several points in Idlib. It has also escalated its attacks on Manbij, Kobani and Ain Issa in addition to its recent movements on the Zarkan fronts, amid the deployment of the occupation soldiers alongside the mercenaries, timed with nearly always reconnaissance aircraft flight over most of NE Syria.

Hikmat Al-Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council noted that the recent Turkish attacks are not new, and said: “An agreement was concluded between Turkey-America and Turkey-Russia for a ceasefire, but Turkey did not comply with it, and its drones are still bombing many areas and targeting civilians. "

He indicated that Turkey has intensified its attacks on the NE Syria regions after the withdrawal from several areas in Idlib, such as Morek and the Idlib countryside, as a result of a Russian-Turkish understanding, and he said: "We, in the Syrian Democratic Council, support Turkey’s withdrawal from all Syrian territories."

He explained that Turkey's withdrawal from some points in Idlib is a positive step, but we fear that there will be a deal between Russia and Turkey at the expense of other regions in northern and eastern Syria.

Al-Habib indicated that Turkey does not abide by international covenants, and said: "We have longstanding experience with Turkey as it has opened its doors to terrorism and occupied several areas in northeast Syria and Syria in general."

Al-Habib stressed the need to effectively activate the ceasefire agreement in northern and eastern Syria, and appealed to America and Russia to stop the Turkish violations and its constant aggression against the populated villages.




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