Al-Hamdan: Turkey's goal is to plunder area's goods

The Co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Euphrates region Mohammed al-Hamdan said, "The areas in north and east of Syria are safe and there is no need to establish the buffer zone which Turkey is talking about," and pointed out that the Turkey's goal to establish such a region was in order to loot the region's goods.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the Co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Euphrates region Mohammed al-Hamdan, and he talked about the so-called buffer zone that Turkey had been seeking to establish in north and east of Syria since time. He said, "The northern and eastern regions of Syria are safe and there is no need for the buffer zone that Turkey is talking about."

'Turkey's purpose is not to spread the security in the area but to take advantage of its resources'

Al-Hamdan pointed out that Turkey's goal of establishing the so-called buffer zone was not to protect the north and east of Syria, and added, "Its main objective is to plunder the wealth and the goods of the region and spread the discrimination among the components co-existing with each other while at the same time eliminating the democratic nation's project based on co-existence and extending its control over the region."

Is Afrin occupied by Turkey considered safe?

Referring to the claims of the Turkish occupation state that the areas under its control enjoy security, he said, "One year has passed since the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, and daily violations are committed; killing, kidnapping and looting of civilians' houses and properties. Therefore, Turkey has no right to discuss the issue of establishing the buffer zone."

'Turkey has been supporting mercenaries since the beginning of the revolution'

Al-Hamdan pointed to the Turkish state's policy since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and said that it supported and helped the so-called Free Army and Jabhet al-Nusra. Finally, it trained Daesh mercenaries during the resistance of Kobani and opened its borders to them to cross to Kobani to annihilate its people.

'Wherever Turkey exists, the place turns into hideout to mercenaries'

Al-Hamdan pointed out that Turkey was a sponsor of terrorism which trained them and sent them to the safe areas in order to loot, plunder and destroy, and it continued to threaten and attack them. He said, "Wherever Turkey exists, the place becomes hideout to mercenaries."

'Our areas are safe thanks to martyrs'

Al-Hamdan praised the resistance of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, who made great sacrifices with the aim of eliminating mercenaries. He stressed that thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, the region's components; Kurds, Arabs, Turkmans, Syrians and Armenians lived with each other safely. Therefore, the areas liberated by the blood of the martyrs were safe and did not need Turkey.

And he concluded his speech saying, "The buffer zone that Turkey and its partners dream of will not be established, and if a buffer zone is to be established in the north and east of Syria, it must be under international supervision."



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