Al-Hasaka administration dignified Shobdarin Rojeh group

Al-Hasaka canton’s administration in al-Jazeera region gave honor to the group of Shobdarin Rojeh Center that is related to the media center of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) in the end of the exhibition of the pictures.


In recognition of their efforts showing the facts in various aspects of life; military, social and cultural via their cameras, al-Hasaka canton’s administration honored the group of Shobdarin Rojeh for the exhibition which was opened on Sunday in al-Hasaka.

A delegation of al-Hasakah canton’s administration has visited the Culture and Art Center in al-Mufti neighborhood where the pictures exhibition is located which was opened by Shobdarin Rojeh Center to watch the offered pictures.

The Delegation expressed its admiration for the pictures and thanked the group for its efforts presenting the facts.

The center's member Resho Kasan thanked the canton’s administration for its visit, stressing that they will continue the struggle to show the truth of the resistant people in northern and eastern of Syria against terrorism.

After that, the management honored the group by presenting them a figurative gift.

The curtains dropped on the exhibition’s works in al-Hasaka city after it was opened on Sunday morning to the visitors.

It is worth mentioning that Shobdarin Rojeh Center presented its images in many cities in al-Jazeera region and it will continue to roam in all cities and areas of North and East Syria.



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