Al-Hasaka clans emphasizing national unity “occupation targets all components”

Al-Hasaka clans’ notables pointed out that the Turkish occupation targets all components of the region and they will stand alongside the fighters who liberated them from terrorism and protect them, stressing the need for Syrian national unity to confront the aggression.


The Turkish threats made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to strengthen the cohesion between the components of North Syria, to counter any attack on the region, and increased their insistence on the unity of the Syrians and their solidarity with all components of the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs.

In this context, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the clans’ notables in al-Hasakah city, who participated in the sit-in against the Turkish threats.

Akram Mahsho, one of the notables of al-Jabour clan, who pointed out that all Arab tribes condemn threats by Turkey to launch attacks on north and east of Syria, and said we as Arab tribes will stand alongside the fighters who liberated and protected us from terrorism."

For his part, Juma Hassan of al-Hebel clan said that whatever the circumstances and conditions they will not abandon Syria because Syria is their homeland and the Syrian people are one people. "We are fully ready to offer all that we have for our country and our people."

Turki Mandil of al-Jabour tribe noted that the Turkish threats to the region are not new and that their ambitions in Syria are deep-rooted since ancient times. "Threats for launching attacks have long been planned not only at the Kurdish component, but also at all parts of the region."

"Tribes and clans in the region condemn and denounce these threats and we refuse to interfere in any Syrian territory. We stress the unity of Syria with all its components. There is no place for the occupier between us, and the entry of any force into the region will lead to massacres against civilians," he said.



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