Al-Hasakah... announces its military council

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) today announced the formation of the Military Council of al-Hasakah, through a formal ceremony and a statement.

On Wednesday, a military ceremony was held in the city of al-Hasakah where leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, representatives of a number of political parties in the north and east of Syria and tribal dignitaries, and administrators in al-Hasakah canton's council attended, during which, the formation of the Military Council of al-Hasakah was announced.

The declaration began with a military parade, followed by the declaration of the formation of the council through reading a statement in three languages, Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac languages.

"With the beginning of the Third World War, all the foreign forces wanted to reorganize the Middle East. These forces wanted by calling for action within the framework of their interests. Doubtlessly, the peoples of the region have lived through a period of suffering as a result of the oppression of tyrannical forces and controlling the region.

By the leadership of the martyrs of the revolution and the struggle and the struggle of the peoples of the region Daesh has been eliminated on the land of the north and east of Syria, this organization, which is a threat to all humanity, the peoples of the region found a way to salvation in the nation's democratic project and self-protection, and declared as an ideal solution.

During the stages of this picture, the city of al-Hasakah as the center of the project of the democratic nation and as a city with all its components of Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians and all other components made great heroic sacrifices that are unmatched, that enjoy common life and peace throughout history. Today these peoples are again in the same way and through democratic nation project have established their own system and self-organization.

Therefore, today, with the establishment of its military council, it is implementing self-protection, and its heroic resistance and self-management have become a model of solution and a source of freedom for all peoples.

"As the Military Council of al-Hasakah city, we will confront all the threats on the city of al-Hasaka, and Rojava and north-east of Syria, and we will protect all the gains of our people, thanks to the sacrifices of their son and daughter martyrs."

For her part, the co-chair of al-Hasakah canton Samar Abdullah blessed the announcement the council on all the families of martyrs and the wounded, and said: "Thanks to the brotherhood of the people and their solidarity, we reached this advanced stage and achieved victories."

"We congratulate you on the formation of the Military Council of al-Hasakah, and we hope to complete the of martyrs in defending and protecting the homeland, and realizing the principle of coexistence and the principle of brotherhood of peoples," Fayez al-Namas said on behalf of the Notables Council in al-Hasakah.

The ceremony ended with celebrations.


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