AL-Hasakah youth: No one cannot undermine our free will that granted by Ocalan

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in al-Hasakah city confirmed that the Turkish occupation cannot undermine the free will of the Young people that has been granted by Ocalan's leader to them, and they will continue to continue their activities till obtaining information about Ocalan 's status.

The areas of NE, Syria continue their activities and sit-ins, amid angry reactions to the outbreak of the fire that broke out on the island of Imrali, where leader Ocalan is being held, to demand the disclosure of his situation and the lifting of isolation from him.

In this context, Hawa news agency (ANHA), interviewed with some young people in the city of a-Hasakah, who expressed their rejection of the practices and violations of the Turkish government against Ocalan in Imrali Island. In this regard, the young Basil al-Saleh from the people of Shaddadi said: “The goal of the Turkish state from the fire that occurred in Imrali Island eliminating the ideology of the democratic nation, and we, as young people, will continue with demonstrations and sit-ins until we are sure of the leader's health. "

For his part, Ammar Muhammed, a resident of the city of al-Hasakah, said: "For more than 21 years, the Turkish state is holding the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and he is practicing against him the most severe injustices and violations in terms of imposing severe isolation on him, the last of which is the fabricate fire on Imrali Island, where he is being held, and we, as youth, north and east Syria will be in the leader’s path until the end. "

Muhammed continued his speech: "We demand the IC to hold the Turkish state accountable for the violations and crimes it commits against the peoples of our regions, in addition to imposing severe immoral isolation on the leader Ocalan, and we also demand the Syrians to stand with the democratic nation project to get out of this crisis and get rid of all the occupiers of our homeland."

For its part, the young Ahin Ali of the people of al-Hasakah said: "When the Turkish state is pressured and worsens, its situation will use its brutal methods against the people of NE, Syria. And the fire that occurred on Imrali Island near the Leader's Prison is evidence of that. 

Ahin Ali added: "The Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied our land and our homeland, and this is also evidence that the Turkish state has fears of the project of the democratic nation and peoples' fraternity, as it is fighting for the failure of the project."



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