Al- Hol administration warns of ISIS's insurgency; if Turkey launched attack on NE, Syria

The administration of al-Hol camp has warned Russia, the United States of America and Global Coalition against the return of ISIS mercenaries due to the continued escalation of the Turkish occupation state's threats and attacks on NE, Syria.

This came during a statement by the administration of al-Hol camp, in a press conference held inside the camp, which includes thousands of mercenaries and their families of more than 50 nationalities, east of the city of al-Hasakah, to warn of the danger of the Turkish occupation state's escalation of its threats and attacks on the region.

Hamrin Hassan, the co-chair of al-Hol camp, read the statement, with the participation of a number of camp administrators.

Hamrin Hassan reminded of the Turkish threats to occupy the region, "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has appeared on us again and is threatening to invade new areas in north and east Syria under false pretexts. Even those who supported him in the Turkish interior are no longer convinced of them."

The statement referred to the continuous support of the Turkish state for the mercenaries, "The Turkish occupation state, according to Erdogan and the pillars of his extremist nationalist government, proves once again that Erdogan is still the supporter and sponsor of terrorism. Rather, it invests in terrorism by recruiting networks and sending them to the countries of the Middle East, the Caucasus, Europe and Central Asia, putting pressure on the countries and blackmailing them."

The statement pointed to the continuous attacks of the Turkish occupation state and the bargains it is conducting with the aim of eliminating the democratic experiment in NE, Syria, "on the 23rd of this month, Erdogan came out to bargain with Western countries in exchange for his acceptance of Sweden and Finland joining NATO, to allow him to launch a new attack on north and east Syria. And since that day until now, the Turkish forces and the armed factions loyal to them have targeted many villages and districts in the al-Shahba areas, passing through Kobani and Ain Issa, and reaching the front lines in Zerghan and Tal Tamr.

The statement warned Russia, the United States of America and the Global Coalition of the repercussions of the continuous threats and attacks, which will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, and the statement said, "Therefore, Russia, America and the coalition forces must assume their full responsibilities."

The statement touched on the ongoing attacks in NE, Syria, "This intimidation and direct bombardment of civilian homes and properties amounted to targeting (Marsawa al-Hakim) Church in the Assyrian village of Tal Tawil, west of the city of Tal Tamr, in addition to direct targeting and destruction of the two schools of the village, and a mosque in Manbij".

The statement added about what the continuous attacks had caused, "The bombing of the Turkish army and its loyalists on NE, Syria also caused a new wave of displacement, as about two hundred families were displaced, who were living in their homes in safety, and headed towards the camps of Newroz, Tuwayhina, and Tal Al-Samen, for some of those who headed towards the city of Hasakah.”

The statement stressed that the threats of the Turkish occupation state and its continued attacks on NE, Syria, pave the way for "terrorist organizations in the Syrian territories, especially the al-Hol camp, to organize themselves again, all these threats came because of international silence to occupy NE, Syria lands under the fake pretexts of establishing safe zone, to deceive world public opinion, including the superpowers, as well as European countries and human rights organizations, including the United Nations.

The statement condemned the bombing of the Turkish occupation state on cultural and religious centers and populated areas, calling on the international community and international organizations working in the field of human rights to work to stop the attacks, "and criminalize Turkey, which seeks to occupy another part of our land, and not to be a bargaining chip between Turkey and Western countries."

The statement also called at the end of the statement, the community and the international forces to lift the siege imposed on the Autonomous Administration areas, open the Tel Koçer crossing to enter humanitarian and medical aid, and reduce the severity of the siege imposed on NE, Syria.



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