Al-Hol camp administration denies accusations of smuggling ISIS members

The Al- Hol camp administration denied all accusations of smuggling ISIS members, describing them as “politicized and work to implement what Erdogan wants in general Syria and  ISIS file in particular”, stating that generalizing certain cases or smuggling networks work and linking them to the administration is a violation of moral and emotional values.

This came through a statement issued by the Al-Hol camp administration in response to the accusations by some media outlets, accusing it of smuggling ISIS families from the camp, and the administration said in its statement:

“the Autonomous Administration force are still fighting against the ideology and cells of ISIS, for the sake of humanity where all the Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian, Chaldean and other components work together and thousands of martyrs have been presented so far for these noble and moral goals. At the time, it considers the issue of ISIS families a global one. It is rather better to search for solutions in cooperation with the AA and the International Coalition, which is part of the fight against ISIS, not charging accusations as to those that are the most effective in resolving this issue.

We affirm that we strive with full force in carrying out our moral and humanitarian duty in completing the efforts that started since 2014 to eliminate ISIS and its extremist ideology. So all our institutions pursue this strategy tirelessly; Perhaps there are those who work on smuggling , but at the same time, the AA is firm in following its procedures and following up on illegal actions. Accordingly we assure the public opinion that we will continue our work in a manner that serves the sacrifices of our people. And it maintains the security and stability of our regions and the world at large from the threat of terrorism represented by ISIS and the AA is ready to share all information about the camps hosting these families and their children, including the reality of service, health and humanitarian camps. We will not accept any party that takes from Turkey and its intelligence a platform for their inaccurate information by distorting our efforts in maintaining security and stability .

In the end, we affirm that these accusations of smuggling operations are not only politicized accusations and work to implement what Erdogan wants in Syria in general and in the ISIS file in particular and that their generalization of certain cases or smuggling networks and linking them to the administration is a violation of moral and emotional values , As our people still make sacrifices through their legitimate institutions in order to end the existence of ISIS. It is not possible for any of these institutions to contribute to such acts that are not

related to ethics.

Likewise, the AA is stil calling on the necessity of international cooperation in dealing with the issue of of ISIS, and on this basis, we were showing our readiness to cooperate in a manner that ensures continuity of the efforts that eliminated and ended ISIS militarily.

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