Al-Hol camp: Deadliest place on earth

Al-Hol Camp is the most dangerous camp in all over the world. Religious intolerance is widespread and anyone who opposes the ideas is being killed. In general, persons who do not support their ideas are punished, as well as they impose laws on the people, and hold those who violate accountable.

Al-Hol Camp, one of the Syrian regions located east of the city of Al-Hol in the canton of Hasakah in north-eastern Syria. It is close to the Syrian-Iraqi border. The camp is inhabited by the people of the occupied cities by mercenaries and ISIS/Daesh families. There are 56,154 people in the camp. Of them, 29 thousand and 142 displaced Iraqis. 18,903 displaced Syrian, and 8 thousand and 109 people from ISIS/Daesh families. The camp is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF). The majority of these displaced persons are women and children. They are of Syrian and Iraqi nationality, and there are some citizens of other countries.

The camp is witnessing of killing cases on daily basis, particularly preoccupation all over the world and dominant powers in Ukrainian war, after al-Sina’a prison attack, ISIS/Daesh intensified its insurgency inside the camp by targeting civilians those who does not support them, in which ISIS/ Daesh families organized themselves inside the camp and commit heinous crimes against anyone who violate their ideology, and international community did not lift a finger trying to find solution to this problem.

Hol Camp is governed by ISIS/Daesh ideology

ISIS/Daesh mercenaries in Hol Camp are causing fear for the displaced Syrians and Iraqis. In which ISIS/Deash impose its ideology on IDPs and refugees by forcing them to adopt their ideology or they will be killed.

Hani Omar is a citizen of Fallujah, Iraq. One of the people who was subjected to an attempted murder. Hani stated that ISIS/ Daesh mercenaries are moving freely in the camp. Because they have mercenaries in all departments.

Hani Omar added: "I faced an attempted murder because I was working in an organization close to the gate of the camp. They tried to kill me on the accusation that I was working with the Internal Security Forces."

Hani confirmed that the camp witnesses murder attempts every day from 3 to 4 times, and everyone who does not support them is killed.

ISIS/Daesh gets support from outside the camp

Hani Omar says: "ISIS/Daesh mercenaries have all kinds of technology in addition to all kinds of light weapons, from machine guns to the RBG weapon, which they used in the recent period."

Hani stated that everyone who does not act according to ISIS ideology or oppose their ideas is subjected to repeated attempts to kill, as he indicated that most of the killings take place in the late hours of the night.

Omar continued, saying: "The camp must be provided with surveillance cameras. The combing operations must be increased. Laws must be imposed to control the camp."

Most targeted age group

Citizen Rami Nasser from Deir ez-Zor, one of the civilians who was subjected to an attempted murder, said: "ISIS/Daesh mercenaries wanted to kill me on the pretext that I was a member of the intelligence."

Rami Nasser indicated that ISIS mercenaries target young people more, under the pretext of having a relationship with the Internal Security Forces.

Rami also mentioned that the majority of civilians in the camp support ISIS mercenaries.

The danger of ISIS/Daesh children in the future

Nasir added, “ISIS/Daesh children are trained on the idea of ‘You must avenge your father’ and are taught the ideology of ISIS.

Rami Nasser concluded his speech by saying: "Strict regulations must be imposed in the camp, and combing operations must be increased."



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