Al-Hol camp most dangerous in world, witnessed riots, chaos

Al-Hol camp in Al-Jazeera region is witnessing chaos and riots after the ISF revealed that ISIS mercenaries had established courts for other women inside the camp, and the security forces are now trying to control the situation.

Al-Hol camp in Al-Jazeera region witnessed a riot after about 50 ISIS women established secret courts for some of the other women, Internal Security Forces intervened, but the women took part in a demonstration, while the security forces are now trying to break up the demonstration

The Internal Security Forces - the women in the camp designated by Autonomous Administration department for the protection of the immigrant section, stated that there was information that some ISIS mercenaries had formed secret courts for some other women on charges of keeping away from the extremist ideology of ISIS in two tents in immigrant section. The troops immediately intervened. However, ISIS mercenaries have caused riots, and have raised arms against the forces.

The Internal Security Forces explained that the number of women is about 50, and the security forces remain alert in the camp to control the situation there.

We have no more information how ISIS women acquisition the weapon inside the camp.




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