Al-Hol Military Council formed

On Wednesday (June 19th), the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Hol sector announced the formation of the "Military Council of al-Hol Sector" in Tel Barak area, as part of the reorganization of its forces.

After the meeting that took place in the courtyard of the martyr Hercul in the area of ​​Tel Barak by dozens of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the formation of the al-Hol Military Council was announced, in the presence of dozens of leaders and fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Arab tribal leaders in each of al-Hol and Tel Hamis and Tel Barak.

The ceremony began with the announcement of the formation of the Military Council, followed by a speech of the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) Gabar Derik, he congratulated the council on the fighters and the people of the region, and said: "After the end of the military war against Daesh and the organizational expansion of the SDF and the emergence of many competent local leaders who played an active role in the battles of liberation, we have new tasks to do and based on the requirements of the new phase, we began a new restructuring of the Syrian Democratic Forces and on the basis of the military councils of each region.

"The military councils have three basic objectives. First, the unification of all military and security forces in the region under one umbrella, and this will strengthen the decisions taken more, the second objective: the participation of local leaders in the decision-making mechanism more, and the third objective: consolidating institutional work in the Syrian Democratic Forces by activating further military institutions and representation in the council. "

Gabar stressed that "the military council consists of the leaders of regiments, brigade commanders, the military sector and officials of the military offices in the region, and they are decision-making centers whose main task is to protect the region and provide assistance to its people.

Then, the leader Gabar announced the formation of the Military Council in al-Hol sector and said: "Based on the internal conflicts and bloody wars under the name of religion and sectarianism and others and the exploitation of the people and the destruction of community values ​​and make it a victim of these conflicts and our sense of moral and historical responsibility towards our people and all components of the region, We declare the formation of the Military Council in al-Hol sector, which will move under the concept of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples to consecrate the concepts and values ​​of the community and coexistence and to ensure the establishment of security and peace in our regions.

Then, the spokesman of the Jabbour clan council in Syria, Turki al-Mandil, spoke on behalf of the notables and dignitaries of the region and blessed the Military Council, wishing them success and be worthy of this task the people and leadership entrusted to them in defending and protecting their land.

After the words were finished, the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces presented a military parade and concluded with chants of martyrdom.


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